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Listening at Corpus Christi Songwriters Festival

If you love the art of songwriting and the intimacy that comes from listening to a songwriter perform their own work, the Corpus Christi Songwriters Festival should be on your 2024 to-do list.

Songwriter festivals are unique from a typical music festival. They center around the art of songwriting, wherein songwriters showcase their original compositions and share the stories behind the songs, their creative process, and the emotions that inspired the music.

CC Songwriters Festival chooses intimate settings for songwriters to do what they do best: storytelling through song. CC Songwriters has built the festival to provide a “listening room” experience for the artists — and the attendees.

2023 CC Songwriter Festival

The Song Is EVERYTHING… so listen

What exactly is a “listening room” experience? Simply put, the song and its performance are the central focus. Which guarantees that they receive the attention that the songwriters’ words and melodies deserve.

Songwriters create a song that’s as familiar as your favorite pair of comfortable jeans.  It tells a story of lived-in experience.  It is designed to move you.  It’s designed to evoke a memory.  Or to make you think.  To laugh.  Shed a tear.  Maybe it’ll give you happy tears.  Because songwriters share the human experience through the art of song, you will have a human reaction.  Sure a songwriters’ song may be personal to them, but just like your favorite pair of jeans, their song feels like it fits you – the listener – just right.

2023 CC Songwriters Festival

This is why CC Songwriters gives space for the full range of emotions that the performance of a song can bring.  A song should not exist as a background to a good night out drinking with buddies, or as something politely ignored during dinner. At CC Songwriters Festival, THE SONG IS EVERYTHING. No side conversation or phone call is more important than the moment of the songwriter sharing their song.

2023 CC Songwriter Festival

The artists deserve that attention. The audience deserves the experience that a “listening room” can bring.  Because there’s nothing better than listening to a song and it leaves you breathless. 

At CC Songwriters Festival, every moment is THE moment. And we welcome everyone who wants to experience a song the way that the songwriter intended. 

About 2024 CC Songwriters Festival

Tickets for the 2024 Corpus Christi Songwriter Festival are on sale now.

Discover more about the featured artists at the 2024 CC Songwriters Festival!  Download our official Spotify playlist.   Check out some live performances for each music blog on our YouTube playlists: Friday Night, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Night, Sunday Afternoon and Sunday Night.

CC Songwriters Podcast

Take a deep dive in to some great conversations with some of the headliners at the 2024 CC Songwriters Festival. Find the podcast on Spotify, Amazon and YouTube.

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