In The Rounds

Corpus Christi Songwriters’ mission is to spread the interest in original music around Corpus Christi and its surrounding areas. Corpus Christi Songwriters “In The Rounds” is held on the second Sunday of every month at the Executive Surf Club, creating an intimate environment welcoming new and seasoned songwriters to share their songs with an attentive and engaged audience. CCSW hosts the series with an invited Featured Guest Artist.

The format is simple: each songwriter is allowed to perform TWO (2) songs (they can be new songs, or old songs, but they must be ORIGINAL songs). Once everyone has shared their songs, stories and inspirations behind them, the cycle will begin again, limited to ONE (1) song each, until midnight.

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Standing Rules

Rule 1: Corpus Christi Songwriters (CCSW) “In The Rounds” is currently held on the SECOND SUNDAY of EVERY MONTH at Executive Surf Club.

Rule 2: Featured Guest Artists will be invited only by the Board of Directors, ideally from a pool of songwriters who have attended “In The Rounds” previously, unless otherwise invited.

Rule 3: LISTENING ROOM ENVIRONMENT. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING DURING PERFORMANCES. One chance will be given. There will be no second chance. Out of respect for our songwriters / performers, violators will be asked to leave the room.

Rule 4: Sign-up will begin at exactly 7:30 p.m. and end at exactly 8:30 p.m. or / as soon as TEN (10) participants have signed up, with a maximum of TEN (10) participants. First come, first serve. Music begins at approximately 8 p.m.

Rule 5: All participants who sign up to perform must fill out all information asked on the SIGN-UP SHEET with a SIGNED SIGNATURE – granting permission to record and/or film each performance to use for promotional purposes.

Rule 6: CCSW Board Members will only be allowed to participate when it is not their night to run the proceedings and/or if there are empty slots on the list.

Rule 7: “In The Rounds” will hold TWO (2) ROUNDS, featuring each participant signed up on the list, beginning with the Featured Guest Artist. Once we reach the end of the list once, we will start the list again from the beginning with the Featured Guest Artist, with the entire proceedings going no later than MIDNIGHT (12 a.m.)

Rule 8: Each participant is allowed to play TWO (2) ORIGINAL SONGS or a maximum of EIGHT (8) MINUTES during the first round. During the second round, each participant can play ONE (1) original song – if time permits.

Rule 9: Featured Guest Artist(s) will be allowed to play THREE (3) ORIGINAL SONGS or a maximum of TWELVE (12) MINUTES during the first round. During the second round, Featured Guest Artist(s) can play TWO (2) original songs.

Rule 10: Participants are not allowed to play the same song(s) TWO (2) MONTHS in a row. Change it up, or write something new.

Rule 11: No personal amplifiers are to be used during “In The Rounds”, performers are to go “Direct In” into our sound system.

Rule 12: ***All violators of the rules above are subject to THE GONG!


Hope & Hostility

Jimmy Willden

Steven James

David Martinez

Shayna Sands

Pake Rossi

Jake Ward

Garrett Wieland

Sonny Salinas

Josh Glenn

J.M. Muniz

Matt Hole

Nik Parr

Ty Dietz

Tom Whitehurst

Nathan Vanderford

David Hancock

Daniel Brodhag

Alex Galvan

Rev. Fred Cook

Tyler McCumber

Steven Hansen

When Autumn Turns To Grey

R.J. Ramon

Al Barlow

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