2016 State of the Association Address

Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017 - The Ritz Theatre

Hello, and welcome to our first annual Corpus Christi Songwriters General Membership meeting and State of the Association address.

Usually, our President would deliver this address, but the Board has voted and decided that since I am the founder of CC Songwriters, and the acting Vice-President of the Board, they shall bestow this honor upon me.

I will be brief.

CC Songwriters was founded in 2014 on my thirtieth birthday, based on the idea that Corpus Christi songwriters and performers needed an outlet, and a safe haven, to explore and accomplish their creative endeavors as songwriters, within a community of their peers. Since then, we have evolved into a full-fledged Association, thanks to the help of Casey Lain and House of Rock, the Executive Surf Club, Taco Creative, The Ensemble Group, and especially — Corpus Christi PATCH, as we have now been accepted under the umbrella of their non-profit organization; opening doors and avenues I only dreamed possible three years ago.

When we began this movement in 2014, we began by only hosting an “In the Rounds” Open Stage, inviting songwriters up to perform two original songs for their peers, before an attentive, “listening room environment.”

My how we have grown.

Now, we are hosting a plethora of events throughout the year, and there are still more ideas on the horizon. Merely a few of the things we have launched, and have planned for 2017 and beyond, are as follows:

We are now accepting membership, offering our songwriting community incentives and a backbone of support never before seen in Corpus Christi, connecting us to a larger Artist Collective currently being explored by CC PATCH. We encourage each every songwriter, and supporters thereof, to visit ccsongwriters.com and sign-up for membership to gain access to an ever-growing ocean of information and resources we have curated just for you, and to also receive many other “membership perks” throughout the year.

We are still hosting our “In The Rounds” at the Executive Surf Club, the second Sunday of every month at 7:30 p.m. With only ten slots available, we encourage each songwriter to get there early to sign up, because it’s first-come, first-serve, and once the slots are filled, they’re filled. Our next “In The Rounds” will be held Sunday, Mar. 12 and we will have When Autumn Turns to Grey as our featured songwriter.

We are putting on Quarterly Online Songwriting Contest(s), the first of which will begin March 1st at ccsongwriters.com. The winners of each contest will go on to populate the CC Songwriters Music Awards — to be held Feb. 19, 2018 — among many other great things.

We are also hosting our very first Song-swap Fundraiser right here at The Ritz on Friday, Mar. 31 – featuring all of our performing board members, telling stories, swapping songs, etc. All to raise awareness of our organization, and the start-up costs needed to bring our songwriting community bigger and better things. More events like this will be planned in the coming months.

We are hosting three CC Songwriters Presents: Showcases throughout the year, the first of which will be held right here at The Ritz Theatre on Friday, Apr. 28. The full lineup has yet to be announced, but we can say that the phenomenal Emily Dale and R.J. Ramon will be two of the four performers that night.

We are planning several workshops for songwriters within the next year, including one to be announced later this evening — all with the vision of furthering our educational endeavors for our community of songwriters.

We are planning a Songwriters Retreat for this summer, and envision it as an all-inclusive getaway, where songwriters can just be…songwriters.

Finally, we are a partner in and will be running the Corpus Christi Songwriters Festival, Music Awards & Conference, planned for Feb. 16-19, 2018. We will go into more detail on this later in the meeting.

These are just a few of the many things we have been working on for our fellow Corpus Christi songwriters! We are excited to continue our evolution, and to one day soon become a State-recognized organization for the Arts, all focusing on promoting, fostering and enhancing original music in the Coastal Bend!

Thank you for your time and presence this evening, we appreciate your support of Corpus Christi Songwriters and original music — please stick around as we open up the meeting. We want to hear your feedback and thoughts on everything we have just announced.


Jimmy Willden

Corpus Christi Songwriters

Vice-President & Founder